New Bridge to Nowhere Opens in Dallas

In April, 2012 Dallas opens its very own bridge to nowhere.  Obviously size does matter –  and apparently Texas is quite objectionable to being second to Alaska in total geographical area.  There is no other explanation for its newly erected expansion bridge to nowhere laced with ostentation gleaming white cables which can be seen for miles.

Credit: Brandi Korte

Not to be outdone by its cross country cousins from the north, Dallas solicited award winning Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava to design a conduit spanning the Trinity River; connecting downtown to an area known as West Dallas.  It wouldn’t have been such a bad idea if not for two other bridges already providing adequate service above the famous waterway.

Over a 7 year period and several budget overruns, the total cost of the extravagant thoroughfare was a whopping $182 million. Calatrava’s fees exceeded $6 million, an mount almost three times the standard price for that kind of design.  I’m not sure if I’m more appalled by a city getting fleeced by an artsy foreigner or learning he has been commissioned for a second bridge.  I can’t make this stuff up but I wish I was.

Yes everything is bigger in Texas, especially suckers.  There’s nothing more ridiculous than being the same fool twice.  Sheesh, what a waste!

Governmental Watch Dogs Uncover Pork Barrel Spending


(Photo credit: Les_Stockton)

According to Citizens Against Governmental Waste (CAGW) – a group known for gathering information on Pork Barrel Spending, wasteful spending has decreased greatly.  Federal Pork, high-priced pet projects that benefit a specific congressman’s district, was examined recently in a CNN report.

The 2012 Congressional Pig Book, a CAGW publication analyzing government’s spending habits, breaks down the myth that earmarks have disappeared from public discourse because they no longer exists because they’ve been stricken appropriation bills that fund wasteful projects.  Despite the current scandal that highlights criminal misappropriation of funds by the General Services Administration (GSA), Congress lawmakers have effectively tightened its purse strings.

In the past two years, earmarks have decreased over 98% from 9,129 to 152.  As a result, the cost has dwindled as well by 80% from $16.5 billion to $3.3 billion by end of fiscal 2012.  The CAGW announces these as the lowest amounts in several decades.  However, three-billion in pork barrel spending is still unacceptable and the duplicitous methods congress uses to shield their misdeeds won’t go unnoticed.

The Citizens Against Government Waste has uncovered four earmarks in a State and Foreign Operations bill totaling $114 million for the United Nations Democracy Fund.  Imagine the Obama Administration’s surprise when learning that so much money had been made available for something they didn’t request.  That’s $114 million now up for grabs I guess.  Sheesh, what a waste!   Read more at